The Root People

The Root People
Publisher: Susan Carroll
ISBN: 0692752749
Wanting to encourage imagination in my children and drawing on my love of fanciful fairies and magical elves, “The Root People” came to life. The Root People aren’t really fairies and they aren’t really elves. They love to dance and sing, but only if the moon is out! And besides, they may get stepped on if they venture outside during the day!
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The Root People

Over in the meadow there stands a big tree,

as tall as the sky! Much taller than me!

My momma once said in the roots of the tree

there lives tiny people! Much smaller than me!

Their hair is like branches popping out of their heads!

They use flower petals for their chairs and their beds!

Dark blue is the color of their almond shaped eyes,

small as a raindrop but big for their size!

They have pointed chins and thin fur on their lips.

Their ears are quite rounded, like long fingertips!

One tiny antenna on top of their nose!

Bright butterfly wings they wear for their clothes!

They only come out when the moon’s overhead,

when I’m fast asleep all snug in my bed.

They creep through the clover. It’s a forest to them!

Then climb to the top of that tree’s highest limb.

They look to the north, the south, east and west,

to make sure all’s quiet for their after dark fest.

Then quickly they scurry to the wide open field

to gather the goodies for the feast that they’ll build.

They dance in the moonlight and sing all night long.

But don’t try to find them! They’ll surely be gone!