Our Greatest Natural Resource is The Minds of Our Children. – Walt Disney

I believe that imagination fuels the mind. If you can imagine it, you can create it. Our greatest writers, musicians, artists, and even rocket scientists have a vision in their imagination.  From the creation of the wheel, to the small hand held computers we call cell phones, someone’s imagination became reality.  Imagination has created our world.

Reading to my children when they were small was one of my greatest pleasures.  The looks in their eyes while listening let me know they were visualizing the spoken words, creating in their imagination pictures that went with each line of every story.

Wanting to encourage imagination in my children and drawing on my love of fanciful fairies and magical elves, “The Root People” came to life.  The Root People aren’t really fairies and they aren’t really elves.  They love to dance and sing, but only if the moon is out!  And besides, they may get stepped on if they venture outside during the day!

Other as yet unpublished works include “Jeffrey and Lillian, A Frog Story”, “Poot the Pumpkin”, “Wispy, A Kitten’s Story”, “The Little Fairies Go To The Zoo”,  and “Noah and the Painted Lady Butterfly”.

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